COVID-19 NOTE (Dec 21. 2020): Fortunately, PLANET3 is not affected by the closure of postal road traffic to the UK or in any other way anywhere else in the world. Feel free to visit the shop and order.


What is planet3?

PLANET3 is an easily installed and reversible way to derestrict your e-bike. It uses a purely mechanical design utilizing a patent pending planetary gear set which makes it undetectable to the bike's electronic gizmos and gives you full control over the choice of speed at which you want to ride your bike.

No more pushing through pudding after hitting the speed limit, virtually no maintanace and no worries. Just you and your e-bike - the way it was meant to be!

Product photo PLANET3

Early bird orders

Pretty please watch the video for a short explanation and then IF you're so inclined - click the ORDER NOW button below!

Please forgive the lack of sleep and forethought, but I need to ask for your help and understanding just once more. As the webshop's domain says: it's a test environment and a work in progress. If there are any hiccups, errors, problems or just weird stuff in general, a quick email to would be highly appreciated! There might be candy involved... It's me. I'm Candy. It's a stage name.

Order now

Pricing has been updated February 2020 to partly cover the increase in DHL Express shipping cost and is as follows:

If you're on a hub that's compatible but needs a different end cap (such as Hope Pro4, NOVATEC, e*thirteen E-SPEC) the price goes up 10 EUR for the end cap (already included in the YT, Focus & Giant pricing).

Payments can currently be made via credit/debit cards (Stripe) or via bank transfer to localized banking details in GBP, EUR, USD, AUD, NZD & others courtesy of TransferWise, saving us both ~5% in unnecessary PayPal fees. PayPal is currently not an option as explained in the video embeded above, but it will be at some point in the future (January/February 2021).

There is also the following discount scheme for volume purchasing which also offsets the price bump of DHL Express shipping on multiple units:

So, might as well call up a buddy or two and get a group buy going! 😊

DHL Planet3 bike
DHL shipping PLANET3
DHL shipping PLANET3

As of February 12th 2020 PLANET3 is shipped worldwide via DHL Express!

Shipping via DHL Express is included in the price for most of the EU (Iceland excluded) and the UK! However, DHL Express cost for Zones 4-7 carries an extra fee ranging from 4,5 (Zone 4) to 19 EUR (Zone 7; most notably: Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and South America). Please see DHL zones PDF and/or DHL zone 7 map. Regardless of the DHL zone you're in - if you live in a "Remote area" there is a 6,5 EUR fee for remote area service. All of this is calculated live at the web shop's cart when you enter the country and postal code. You will have full information about total cost before paying for anything! Furthermore, shipping to physical entities via DHL Express is NOT possible for Russian Federation (only to companies/businesses).

DHL Express ensures next day delivery for most of the EU (and the UK) and the East Coast of the USA, while the transit time for the rest of the world is 2-5 days barring any screw-ups by DHL.

Please allow 1 day of handling time for me to produce/assemble these units since they're all in pieces and are assembled for each order.


PLANET3 is currently compatible (fully tested, working & shipping to customers via DHL Express) with the following models assuming they’re on the stock wheelset/hub & brake rotor that they came with:

Hub compatibility for now includes the following:

If you have upgraded your stock wheelset to ANYTHING else (Industry9, Newmen, Chris King, Superstar Components, Nukeproof etc etc.) please contact us first! (and only if this seems to be a popular hub option that many people might find themselves on and you’re willing to do some measuring with Vernier calipers)

Brake rotor compatibility notes – We’ve tried to make PLANET3 compatible with as many 6-bolt rotors as possible. This includes any flat 1-piece rotor on the market (Shimano RT66, SRAM Centerline, many others) and Shimano RT76 & RT86 2-piece rotors. However, here are some exceptions and combinations which we know CAN’T FIT (due to room constraints on the frame):

General compatibility rules. These are the questions to ask yourself if you'd like to know if PLANET3 can be made compatible with your e-bike:

So, measure if the sensor cable can reach the hub and if there is room on the frame for a saucer of ~7 mm thickness and ~60 mm diameter. In this case, almost any bike can have a PLANET3 on it!

Terms & conditions

Since there are still people out there that can't be expected to function in the real world and "Starbucks hot coffee" lawsuits are not a thing of the past, let's clear up a few things regarding PLANET3. PLANET3 is a device whose sole purpose is to remove the legally imposed assistance speed limit that is set for Class 1 e-bikes by the EU Regulation 168/2013 (or a similar regulation by your particular government). If it's not clear to you that this would make said e-bike illegal to ride on public roads/surfaces, let me make it clear for you - it does make it illegal. However, de-restricting an e-bike is not illegal if you're going to use it on private land and PLANET3 is sold as such - only to be used on private property. You are, of course, entitled to break any law or regulation of your country as that's your constitutional right. However, you must also be ready to be held accountable and suffer the consequences that arise as a result of your actions. More importantly: suffer them without involving PLANET3! By purchasing a PLANET3 you agree that PLANET3 can't be held liable for any damage, injury, fine or cost to you, your e-bike or anyone else involved in your particular incident.

Warranty against material defects and manufacturing errors on a PLANET3 unit is 1 year and 15 000 km/10 000 miles from the date of your original purchase and extends only to the original buyer. There is also a 50% crash replacement discount for any accidental damage you sustain to your PLANET3 through "act of God" (by which I mean: you fly off the trail into the shrubbery and get some vegetation and/or surrounding geography caught between your frame and the PLANET3). Because I'm a helluva nice guy, damage sustained through your decision to "let a bike mechanic install it for you" or inability to listen and apply my VERY CLEAR AND DETAILED advice from long-as-hell installation instructions will be treated on a case-by-case basis. What this means is: if you're a gentleman, you realize the error of your ways and acknowledge your mistake when I point out that parts that shouldn't be in contact were in contact, that you used a thicker brake rotor that I advised against or without consulting with me, or anything else of the sort - you are likely to be asked just for the cost of shipping and sent a completely new unit free of charge. If you decide that the best thing to do is scream on the internet how "THIS IS GARBAGE, IT'S RUINED AFTER JUST 5 RIDES!" (while you're the main reason why it's ruined) I will use my towering intellect and ability to calmly dismantle your argument fallacies with a degree of eloquent sarcasm that will both entertain the public and completely defeat your initial intention which was to "drive customers away from me". I will gain customers and you will look stupid. It's happened multiple times before and I welcome it each time.