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Your e-bike too slow for you? Ride it how you want it.

PLANET3 is an easily installed and reversible way to derestrict your e-bike. It uses a purely mechanical design utilizing a patent pending planetary gear set which reduces the rotation speed of the magnet used by the wheel speed sensor up to three times.

This effectively makes the bike think it's going up to three times slower than it actually is, so it keeps assisting you up to a higher speed. The mechanical nature makes it undetectable to the bike's electronic gizmos and gives you full control over the choice of speed at which you want to ride your bike.

No more pushing through pudding after hitting the speed limit, virtually no maintanace and no worries. Just you and your e-bike - the way it was meant to be.

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Features Item 1 PLANET3

Three times the speed

Depending on your bike, region and PLANET3 model, the assistance speed limit is raised by a factor of up to 3,35.

Mechanical & undetectable

Utilizes a patent pending planetary gear set making it undetectable to the bike's electronics & diagnostics.

Designed and tested for
all riding conditions

Once installed, the stationary ring gear design seals against dirt and water ingress into the device. Virtually no maintenance and no worries.

Easy & safe installation

Fastened directly onto the IS 6-bolt brake disc bolt heads or Center Lock ring ensuring adequate brake disc tightening torque can be used.

Hand built & quality

Each set is 3D printed, sanded, hand assembled and checked for manufacturing tolerances using a Mitutoyo digital caliper.

Features Item 1 PLANET3

Hub specific fastening

Different ring gear clamping designs are continuously developed to increase hub compatibility. All stock hubs featured on compatible bikes are covered!


PLANET3 is 3D printed out of biodegradable hybrid material ensuring high quality finish and top notch mechanical properties.

Brake rotor compatibility

Compatible with most 6-bolt brake rotors on the market and all Center Lock rotors.

Thread-locker pre-applied

Comes with standard ISO bolts with granular high strength Loctite 268 pre-applied and ready for installation.


Tested to more than 10 000 km on a single planet in the wet and muddy, dry and dusty & snow and ice conditions.

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Still «orbiting» Planet3? Everyone who’s tried it - loved it!

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